here i am
watching the waves move
watching the sunrise
i close my eyes and take a deep breath
the smell of the sea
the light of the sun on my skin
and the warm feeling in my heart
i am in between
between the sadness and happiness
between the past and the present
dear Neptunus,
thank you for sending me your creatures as the sign for me
thank you for giving me your blessings through the ocean
you lead me to the port, Neptunus.
today, I keep playing his favorite song in my head
and i forget how to sing my favorite song
your son comes from somewhere
plant sunflower seeds in my heart
i tell a story to the shells and starfish about him
but still, i look up to the sky and pray
wishing that Uranus will talk to me too
dear Gaia, the mother earth,
there is a quote from someone
someone who once lived on earth and wrote many good books
it says, “will you love me in December as you do in May?”
and since then, i began to ask the same question to him or my heart.


Kedai Kopi

Kulangkahkan lagi kaki ku ke tempat yang sama
Kedai kopi di sudut kota
Tidak ada yang berubah
selain pegawai kedai kopi yang bertambah
kuhempaskan tubuhku di tempat duduk yang sama
kenangan lama
aku mengeluarkan buku kecil yang selalu ku bawa kemana pun
menulis kan hal-hal yang ada di pikiranku
menggambar sesuka hatiku
sekarang pukul setengah lima sore
langit diatas berwarna oranye
sebuah lagu melantun merdu
lucu ya, bagaimana bisa musik membawa ku terbang ke dimensi lain
dimensi yang tidak ada di masa sekarang
masa lalu
masa depan
semua masih abstrak

aku memesan secangkir kopi yang sama seperti dua tahun lalu
kedai kopi ini selalu menjadi tempat favoritku
tempatku menuangkan semua ide yang ada dalam kepalaku
tempatku bercerita
suatu cara untuk terbang ke dimensi lain juga

After The Fall dari Norah Jones pun sudah diulang berkali-kali
Buku kecilku sudah hampir kehabisan kertas
Secangkir kopi yang kupesan tadi, sudah habis kutegak
Kedai kopi di sudut kota ini selalu menjadi tempat favoritku

Tempat yang mengingatkanku ketika hujan di awal desember saat itu.



have you watched Spike Jonze's Her yet? I've watched it before, but today I went to the theatre to watch it again. you know how much I like watching movies even if I had no one to go with, so yeah I went there alone.
well, although I have watched it before, but Her brought me some tears, actually. I don't know why did I cry during the movie, was it because the words or maybe I'm just being too emotional because of the period.
speaking about Her, I'm gonna put it into my favorite movie list right now. I love the story, how Theodore loves Samantha who is actually an OS. I love the soundtrack. I do love it. how the music represents every single scene. last but not least, the film is beautiful. I mean, I love how Jonze pays attention to details in it. the tone, the angle, the expression, the places, everything.
Her reminds me about something. Lost In Translation. yes, somehow I feel like Jonze's film is an answer for Sofia Coppola's Lost In Translation.
Lost In Translation.

many people said that John in Coppola's film is for her ex-husband. and it shows how the character of Charlotte feels about her marriage life until finally she meets Bob. I watched Lost In Translation many years ago, after watching it, I was like omg it was such a sad sad sad story. it shows that we, human being, cannot stand alone. neverwe always need someone else in order to live. have a company to share stories, get things done with, and build dreams together.
meanwhile, after watching Her twice, it was also trying to say the same thing just like in Coppola's film. we always looking for someone to talk to, unfortunately, when we cannot find someone to share stories, we run into technologies. we live with super high technology. how terrible if we would have a relationship with our own operating system rather than a human being.
in Jonze's film, Theodore has just divorced from his wife, Catherine, and seems like he still loves her.
well, in my opinion, the character of Catherine refers to Sofia Coppola. this two films are connected.
after the film ends, I thought about another opinion. why don't these two directors get back together and make a collaboration? something like a comedy-romance film? it would be awesome, I guess.